Girls Spa Pamper Parties

Pamper Party Top Tips

We have included a few pointers to help your pamper party run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Creating the right atmosphere
We suggest that the room in which the pamper party treatments are to take place should be clean and tidy, you may like to put on some music to help get you daughter and her friends get in the party mood . If possible it is best to have a separate room away from the main area for facials.

As your guests may be having facial treatments which require them too lay down on our Beauty table and relax it is advisable that you ensure that your home is at a comfortable temperature.

How many Guests should I invite?
we advise that you only invite a number of children that can comfortably fit in your home.

Drinks & Nibbles
We recommend that you provide some healthy light nibbles that your daughters guests can help themselves to. We don’t want you stressing out over providing food on the day!