All  bookings will be confirmed by email, further correspondence may be sent via text message, face book message or whatsapp message. Where available we will send you Voice notes via whatsapp to keep you up to date on every aspect of your booking.

All bookings require a deposit to secure your chosen party date. All Party deposits are non refundable.

We will give a full refund if extreme weather conditions prevent us from traveling, unless another date is agreed. upon agreeing to another date no refund will be given.

If you cancel your party less 8 weeks (56 Days) in advance. We  will give no refund.

If we agrees a refund, this will be issued within 28 days.

We  may add a travel charge to your party price. This will be advised at the time of booking.

We require your party balance to be paid in 

48 hours before hand . 

Our invoice’s will be sent via email.

If you wish to cancel your booking, this must be done via email.

We reserve  the right to cancel any party/event at anytime, this includes – if we feel we could be putting our selves at risk of possible physical or mental harm or if we feel that we could be unsafe or if we feel threatened before or during the party.

Our Parties are based on 8 children, if adding extra children – there will  be a per head charge 

Guests only are permitted to join in the pamper  Party.

After you have booked your Party and paid your deposit, any changes you would like to make need to be made via email up to 14 days before your party date i.e. number of children, or adding extras etc. Please be advised that changes will only be made when you have received an email back from us.

Duration of Parties are between 90mins and 120mins , the more children the longer the party. 

We require one or more adult to be present at the party venue and the duration of the party.

Please allow us  30 setting up time and 15 minutes to pack away. We do try to pack away through out the party.

We will pack all party items away but is not responsible for mess of party room’s floor and walls. We request you remove any breakables and valuables from the party room.

A “Parent Consent Form” will be issued via email, the form needs to be printed and distributed to each parent/carer for them to sign and give permission for their child/children to take part in the party, there must be one form per child signed, stating parents name, Childs name and the date.

Parent permission forms are required for each child; this gives the opportunity to advise of allergies or a treatment that the child/children are not allowed for which ever reason.

If a child/children do not have a signed permission form at the start of the party, they will not be able to take part.

We will give no refund for children not taking part on the day of the party.

We can supply party bag’s, these are an optional extra, contents of the party bags may vary to those described, as from time to time certain items listed may not be available.

We are insured for public liability. 

We  are unable to accept responsibility for actions or damage caused by party guests.

Your party hosts will require room to park within 10 meters from the party venue; we may charge you extra if we are required to pay for parking.

Parents/carers are not permitted to use the Party items/products, paint children’s nails or use beauty products .

Setting up time is not included in your Party time.

Refreshments, apart from drinks are to be served at the end of the party.

Travel Charges

You will be informed of any travel charge at the time of booking. Please contact us if you want more information regards this